Nemassist – Beneficial Nematodes

Nemassist ® Beneficial Nematodes

Beneficial Nematodes are acknowledged as the safest and most effective form of control for many garden pests. Far safer and achieving better results than chemical solutions, Beneficial Nematodes are the best choice for control of certain insect pests.

The Nemassist ® range of Nematodes, are by far the most active and effective available, and are produced using patented technology and leading production techniques. This technology improves the shelf life and provides a high level of fitness of the nematodes due to the high levels of fat achieved by the production technique.

What are Beneficial Nematodes?

Beneficial Nematodes are naturally occurring microscopic worms that live either below or just above the soil. There are many thousands of different types of nematodes, and while some may be seen as harmful, Beneficial Nematodes are a group that are not considered bad and they have no negative impact on society or the environment.

When applied, the nematodes seek out the pest and enter it through natural openings, where they then release a symbiotic bacteria which very quickly kills the target pest and provides a food source. The nematodes breed within the dead insect, and once the offspring have exhausted the food source from this host they leave and actively search for a new host. This process can continue across several generations and as such provides longer term control.

These Beneficial Nematodes are not harmful to any non-target pests. They do not affect other beneficial insects such as earthworms, ladybugs or other micro-organisms. They are not harmful to humans, and are totally safe around humans and waterways. They are naturally occurring and then mass reared.

Why use Beneficial Nematodes?

Studies have shown that Beneficial Nematodes are more effective at controlling target pests than chemical treatments, and that they are much safer to both users and the environment.

The inability of chemicals to adequately penetrate the soil and reach the pest, as well as increased resistance to these chemicals, causes limited chemical control in the real world. On top of this these chemicals are shown to find their way into waterways, and can easily come into contact with people and pets as they stay on the surface of the ground.

Beneficial Nematodes actively work their way into the ground and seek a host, or lay in wait above ground to ambush the pest depending on the nematode used. Pests cannot build up a resistance to nematodes like they can with chemicals. They are harmless to the environment, and the family and pets are able to use the treated area without any safety or health concerns.

Applying Nematodes

Nemassist ® Nematodes require a damp environment, and you need to water the area to be treated before applying. The nematodes are mixed with water and should be applied evenly using a watering can or sprayer with filters removed. The area should be kept moist for a few days for maximum results.

Due to their size they are highly sensitive to UV light, and should be applied at dusk. Soil temperatures above 12 or 14 ° C are required for best movement, but this aligns with the periods when the target pest is most active and causing the most damage.