Will Nematodes harm my plants?

No. Beneficial Nematodes don’t have a stylet like plant attacking nematodes so can’t suck the cell contents of plants. They are specific to reproducing inside insects and unrelated to other types of nematodes.

What are the advantages of using bugs to control insects over chemicals?

  • Protecting the health of your family and pets.
  • Completely non – toxic so you’re not harming beneficial insects and beneficial soil organisms such as earth worms.
  • Development of chemical resistance is avoided.
  • They actively seek our pests in cryptic habits.
  • Safe for birds, bees and waterways.

How are Beneficial Nematodes applied?

They are supplied in a cellulose-based carrier and can be applied with any equipment traditionally used for spray applications. Always remove filters finer than 0.5mm (500m) and stir every 5 minutes where agitation doesn’t exist as they will settle to the bottom of the sprayer.

What equipment can Beneficial Nematodes be applied with?

They can be applied with a watering can, pump sprayers, trigger sprayers or simple click on, hose end venturi sprayers.

Are Beneficial Nematodes safe to release?

The Nemassist range of Beneficial Nematodes are naturally occurring in Australia and are mass reared using patented rearing techniques. They will eventually return to natural numbers once the food supply is depleted. Best results are achieved routine and timely applications rather than once a serious infestation occurs.

Do your bugs come with shipping instructions?

Absolutely! They come with easy to follow instructions on how best to use them. We advise reading them at the first opportunity to familiarise yourself with the product and allow time to contact us if any of the instructions are unclear.

Do you have a shop front?

Unfortunately in order to keep costs to a minimum we are unable to provide a local pickup service.
We have no shopfront to enable pickups.